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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 23, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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think about how you might want to pay for it when you start driving on it. on the icc, scott broom, 9news now. >> it will cost between 60 cents and $1.45 on the icc depending on the time of day. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is tuesday, november 23, 2010. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. i love it when it is in the teleprompter. >> and your name. >> the date and name help to get things started on the right foot. >> angie has traffic and howard is getting us out the door. a workday and school day for us. the temperatures are nice and mild. we have colder air moving in. the dayplanner on this tuesday.
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you know what to expect. we are mild and we will stay there. upper 50s by 9:00. 64 at noon with a good deal of clouds midday and a sprinkle or two. a better chance of showers in the mountains out to the west. by 5:00 p.m., we are down to 62. we are well up in the 60s today ahead of a cold front which is producing showers in ohio and northwest pennsylvania. not quite into west virginia. that is why i don't think we will see much before the midday hour. a sprinkle or two at this hour. cumberland at 47. we are in the 40s and a -- and 50s. if you are traveling, there are problems in pittsburgh and cincinnati and philadelphia and boston. you will see showers. in chicago, 38. going into the carolinas and virginia beach, we are in the
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70s. angie goff is here with time saver traffic. wake up. i hope you are off to a great one so far. the roads are not too bad. 395 northbound with no incidents or accident to report. just that construction that we have been talking about all along at the 14th street bridge. moving over to 66. east here. no constructionheree out of manassass. you are okay from frederick past 121 down to the split. going over to the real time graphics. 95 and the bw parkway. no accidents to report. northbound at powder mill and 32, some lingering road work will be with us until the 5:00 hour. on the outer loop, your construction is set up near the university exit and as you make your waycrossing that american legion bridge to georgetown pike with lanes wide open.
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coming up, 50 west. we are traveling it at 4:40. back to you. thank you. here is a look at things that happened while you were sleeping. >> the search for bodies along a river in cambodia where 370 people died in a stampede last night. panic erupted as a crowd tried to flee over the bridge. most of the people drowned or suffocated or trampled to death. dna has closed a 46-year- old cold case investigation. montgomery police arrested hubert allan marlin on sunday. a woman was walking home from the mall when this man beat and raped her. prosecutors have charged him with rape and assault with intent to maim. the nation's airports and trains and bus stations will see the biggest crowds the whole year and just in time for
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the biggest security controversy of the year. >> many of you will be subjected to body scanners or patdowns or both. we know the intrusions you will experience, but could bus terminals and train stations be next? gary has a look. >> reporter: some want to avoid the airport intrusions. >> i'm not taking the plane. you don't have to go through it. >> reporter: the high profile anger at the security procedures and patdowns is being fed by stories like hers. >> that is not right. >> reporter: artificial knee prompted more scrutiny. the screener spilled this man's colostoma bag. the government says it is about safety. >> we hope you will appreciate and understand the goal and purpose and the need. >> remember the steps to security. >> reporter: john pistole is quoted as saying we know some groups are more vulnerable because there is no screening
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like you have in aviation. that is an equally important threat area. some subway systems like new york do random bag searches and screening as does amtrak and greyhound. do they want this delay found by air travelers? >> you have to arrive early to get on the bus. generally, i find it invasive. i don't want somebody going through my things. >> reporter: a soldier who fights for freedom is home for thanksgiving. >> it will not be too bad. don't get carried away. >> reporter: most see a balancing act. >> we should do more screening on trains and buses to make sure. nobody wants to have their trip interrupted. >> reporter:garyy nurnberg,
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9news now. 4:35.. this afternoon, cardinal donald whilr will be back in washington. he is one of two americans to get the promotion. he is the 5th archbishop from washington to be elevated to cardinal. budget cuts are coming to district. mayor vincent gray offered this statement to the city. >> everybody has to take a hit and share in the sacrifice. >> gray says the district's projected deficit has climbed to $188 million. by next fiscal year, it could soar to $345 million. on the table are layoffs and furloughs and other belt- tightening measures. nearly a decade after dc intern chandra levy was killed, the jury found the primary suspect in the case guilty of murder. ingmar guandique, found guilty
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of two counts of felony murder and linking him to murder. ingmar guandique never confessed to police. the case was based on ingmar guandique's former cell mate who said he killed chandra levy back in rock creek park in 2001. chandra levy's mother spoke after the hearing. >> the result of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a loss limb missing from our family tree. >> she added her family will now try to move forward and find a new normal. ingmar guandique is scheduled to be sentenced in february. the lawsuit filed against two virginia tech administrators can go forward. university president charles steger and former vice president james hyatt had a file brought against them. the attorneys asked for the suit to be dismissed because
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the men are protected by sovereign immunity. today, we are expected to learn if a jaw bone found on a beach in aruba belongs to natalee holloway. >> aruba is the country where holloway disappeared five years ago. the discovery was made at one of several locations mentioned by joran van der sloot. authorities in new zealand say it may be too late to save 29 miners trapped underground for three days. deadly gasses are threatening the safety of the men and delaying a rescue effort. the men have not been heard from since the massive explosion ripped through the coal mine on thursday. the cost of driving to your destination will cost more. and we offer some advice on
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avoiding traffic on this holiday weekend. it is 4:38. you are watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 4:41. it will be a mild day today. a slight chance of a shower before some cooler weather heads this way for thanksgiving eve. here is the dayplanner on this tuesday. you will need a light jacket this morning. we have 40s and 50s. upper 50s by 9:00. look at the 60s through the afternoon. we cannot rule out a passing light shower or sprinkle mid afternoon. highs in the 60s. by 6:00, we are down to 60 degrees. here is angie goff. thank you, hb. we are heading westbound to bowie and beyond. no accidents or issues at this time. coming up, a look around the region including the look at 95 in virginia. thank you. travelers hitting the road this thanksgiving holiday will not
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find breaks at the gas pump. the average price is $2.87 a gallon. it is over $3 a gallon in the dc area. that could mean less money available when it comes to holiday shopping. >> nothing affects consumers more than the gas prices. you drive down the street and that price is in your face. >> every penny that we get above $3, every penny takes $4 million per penny per day out of the american consumer. >> wholesale gas prices shot up 17 cents since september 1st. oil prices are rises because of the declining dollar. more people are expected to head out of town for thanksgiving if you live in the dc area. >> you may wind up being 8.2 million people that are traveling. >> that sounds like fun. the maryland transportation authority wants to make sure you have the smooth ride.
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they are offering tips. travel off peak to avoid significant delays, especially 95. today and wednesday, try to travel before 6:00 a.m. and after 11:00 p.m. thursday through sunday, before 9:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m. know before you go. visit >> if you have driving south of the district, we have this information for you. all temporary lane closures will be removed at noon on thursday and will not go back into effect until noon next week. they are lifting restrictions on i-66 and 395 thanksgiving day. that should make the ride easier. >> let's hope so. the world's largest thanksgiving. we are cooking food. the world's largest retailer is not waiting until friday.
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and we are cooking. we will show you how to prepare one of the key thanksgiving dishes. 4:44. 64 degrees. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news now. howard is here for the latest on the weather. >> it will be a mild day before a cold front comes through. it will feel like late november by tomorrow. let's get you going with the look at the bus stop forecast. we still have a couple more days this week. a touch of fog north of us up to the pennsylvania border. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. look at the sunrise at 6:59. it sets at 4:50 this afternoon. by 9:00, partly sunny and 58. south winds at 10:00. noon, 64 and mostly cloudy.
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we cannot rule out a sprinkle. it will be partly cloudy by 5:00. highs today in the mid-60s. maybe flirt with 70 down south. this morning, annapolis at 55. cumberland with light winds. they cooled down to 37. we are seeing well to the north with colder temperatures and a touch of fog trying to form. manassass at 41 degrees. national checks in with a south wind at 9 and humidity at 77%. we had the widespread fog yesterday. what is happening across the country? big storm across the midwest. then look at the snow in seattle. then look at the line in arkansas and up into western new york. this is moving east. a bunch of it will get squeezed
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out in the mountains. look at kentucky and western tennessee. they are getting hit hard with showers and thunderstorms. we will watch this cold front continue to move to the east. by 10:00, i cannot rule out an isolated shower in hagerstown. look what happens midday. a front comes through with one or two sprinkles. by 4:00. it is passing us with showers in the mountains. tomorrow morning, high pressure starts to build in to toledo. we are looking at northerly winds. high pressure building in. clouds start to thicken up in the afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies. look at the moisture traveling east for thanksgiving morning. we will have rain up here. we will consider that as we look at the travel forecast. some snow in salt lake city and casper. the southwest looks fine. the south central part of the country with storms in dallas. consider that in the 80s. florida is looking good. colder in the northern plains
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with snow in marquette. nice, but chilly across the northeast. our next three days break down like this. showers possible today. 67. 54 tomorrow. a cool thanksgiving with a chance of a shower. better chance of rain on friday. 52. a chilly saturday and decent sunday and monday. angie goff. hello. we are giving it the green light this morning to kick things off. we have no major incidents or accident. we will begin at 95 northbound in virginia. right now up to the mixing bowl. it is smooth sailing. same for inner loop drivers at 95 to 66. everyone moving at speed. the outer loop, this time in maryland, here we have construction at university boulevard. it will be clearing out in the next 15 minutes. taking you to the maps again, route 4 and route 5, nice and
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quiet. we are incident free inside the district. still to come at the 5:00 hour, we will focus on maryland with a look at 270. back to you. thank you. we are talking turkey this morning when it comes to thanksgiving feast. >> did you know that the thanksgiving bird will cost you more this year? no surprise. everything costs more. the price of turkey is up 33% this year. >> it is. you still have to prepare one if you are having a meal. howard and jessica are there to help you make a turkey more cheaply. >> good morning. >> look at the spiffy jacket. >> you look nice. we are in the kitchen. we are bringing our kitchen to your kitchen this morning with some of our favorite recipes from our own homes. howard volunteered to do the turkey for us this morning. >> volunteered? that is a nice way to put it. >> howard has a very special secret for how he does his
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turkey. >> i love the oven bags. it is simple. it is juicy and it cooks faster and keeps the oven cleaner. it is a simple recipe. it is not mine. it is my wife's and mother-in- law's and grandmother-in-law's. it has been passed down from generation-to-generation. some people rub the turkey with the spices. we use paprika and garlic powder. >> rub this on there? >> yes. this is just a turkey breast. you get the whole bird. you rub the inside and outside. the whole thing. it doesn't have to take long. you see that oven timer? that pop-up thing? >> you trust the oven timer? >> no. 180 degrees on the kitchen thermometer. the other thing i trust is the
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thermometer is my nose. you can smell when the birds are done here. we have paprika. did we get it on inside and outside? >> yes. >> are you making the dressing? we do it outside of the bird. i'll leave the stuffing for him. >> i never used an oven bag before. i'm interested. >> take a teaspoon of flour. >> that helps with the gravy later. >> it helps by keeping the thing from sticking to the bag. >> we put the baby in there. >> put the baby in. >> if you are going to get sick at thanksgiving, it is because of the turkey. we have the thermometer here. >> we are going to use this for testing later on. we don't cook with that. we do sample testing. one thing we do at my house is
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we take carrots and onions and celery and other vegetables and stick it in the bag. when it juices up, they cook nicely in the bag. you can use potatoes. i think red potatoes slow cook with the turkey and they are a good vegetable to have with the turkey. >> we put this in the bag and preheat it for 350. we will be cooking all morning long. mike is up next. he will make our stuffing. if you want to try any of the recipes at home, you can go to you can click on the morning show tab. if you do make the recipes, take a picture of them and send them to us on facebook. we would love to hear how they turn out. >> put a couple of slits in the bag so it breathes a little. a late night fire breaks out near a memorial on the national mall. do you want some holiday
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shopping done, but you want a deal? turn to your smart phone. it is time for the question of the morning. >> for every dollar you spend at the supermarket for produce, how much money goes back to the farmer selling the produce? add your answer to our facebook page and we will answer that question coming up.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 4:56. we are looking at partly cloudy skies this morning. temperatures start mild here in the 40s and 50s. a couple of clouds start to
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roll in to the 9:00 hour. showers in western maryland here. 57 in cumberland. through midday, a couple of sprinkles. we are in the 60s with more clouds. through the afternoon, an isolated sprinkle. 52 by 5:00. clearing out to the west. back to you. thank you. the white house has unveiled a new rule to help consumers with health care costs. starting in january, insurers will have to spend at least 80% of premiums they collect on medical care. the rule is designed to give consumers better value for their premiums. wal-mart is determined not to be under sold this holiday season. they will match competitor prices starting on thanksgiving. are you looking for the best price for holiday gifts? as manuel gagulla has more.
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>> reporter: just use your smart phone or tablet computer. >> you can comparison shop. >> reporter: dozens of apps can be downloaded on the hand held device. they more sophisticated. apps turn a smart phone camera into a bar code scanner. the program shows just how much the product is selling for online and at nearby stores. if it is a cd, book or dvd, with the snap tell app, you don't need the bar code. you take a picture and it shows you if it is cheaping somewhere else. if you are not in a store, there are apps to help you find discounts. facebook has one. any store that has a sale nearby will pop up with a yellow flag. several retailers are using
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shop kick. an app that helps the bargains find you. when you walk into the store, it sends offers to your phone. if you need to know more before buying a big-ticket item like a tv, you can find more about it by using this symbol. >> it will take you to a web site that has the details for the item. >> reporter: more than half of all smart phone users plan to use their devices to navigate the holiday season. twice as many as last year. manuel gagges,cbss news, new york. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now. it is 5:00. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we have angie goff with the traffic, but we start off with the weather. we have the partly cloudy skies and we did not have the fog like -- and


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